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Top-Notch Mozilla Firefox Add-ons to Install

Have you ever looked at a gadget and appreciated the features that came with it to make life easier for you? That utility gained is similar to what add-ons provide to Mozilla Firefox.

Mozilla Firefox remains one of the most used internet browsers. This browser, developed by a non-profit organization, is free for use with an open-source code for developers to examine. Its numerous add-ons cut across several categories like social media, web development, and cybersecurity. Below, you’ll find a guide to getting some of the best Firefox add-ons.

  • Ad Blocker

Something that ruins the browsing experience for most internet surfers is the appearance of ads. Since ads are a source of revenue for website owners, most of them tend to implement them. Many domains even plaster their sites with ads, misleading you to click the wrong links.

With an ad blocker, you can improve your Firefox browsing by blocking ads. This way, your browsing becomes faster and more efficient.

  • Video Speed Controller

Now that you’ve taken off unnecessary ads from your Mozilla browser, you need an add-on for entertainment. If you like viewing videos on your browser, Video Speed Controller was custom-made for you.

This add-on brings up a navigator once you load any video on your browser. You will be able to rewind, forward, speed up, and perform several other tasks when watching a video. You can customize this add-on to your taste.

  • Get a VPN Add-on

While enjoying your browsing experience, you’ll need to protect your device from hackers. A VPN add-on protects you this way by preventing hackers from spying on your browsing activity.

It does this by providing a safe route for your web traffic to travel on. You simply select the server you want to connect to and it masks your location with that of the server. This way, your identity gets anonymized and your activity is hidden from all third-parties.

A VPN download will go a long way to boosting your cybersecurity on Mozilla.


Mozilla Firefox add-ons make the average user’s browsing encounter enjoyable. You can install add-ons like Video Speed Controller to watch videos in a better mode, utilize a VPN for security, and use an ad-blocker for faster loading pages.

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