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Software Testing Life Cycle For Testing beginners’

In this post we would be talking about Software Testing Life Cycle(STLC)  and we would be looking in to each of the stage one after another and will try to explain it for the best of our understanding.

So friends, Testing is just a part of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and is further divided into various sub phases.

So these are the common STLC’s sub phases, But this is just the generic form of STLC because this can vary from company to company. So i am serving a very generic idea about this STLC

1) Risk Analysis:  Risk Analysis is really a very crucial and much-needed step that really deal with the probability of undesirable events  that leads to a loss to organization i.e is either financial or client loss. In this phase we identify all the major and potential risk in all SDLC(Software Development Life Cycle) process and document all the risk with the reason and all the prospective measure to reduce harm.

2) Planning Process: We can say that actual testing life cycle starts from this phase and . this phase involves documentation of test specification, creating test plan, estimating resources needed, setting testing framework, ,setting milestones for the testing, and dealing with all testing management along with the per-requisite things for Testing of product.

3) Test Design: preparation of test environment and designing of test cases comes in this phase

4) Performing Tests or executing Test:  Executing test cases on the basis of milestone set in Test Plan comes in this phase and this is part that should really be known as TESTING

5) Defect Tracking : During execution of test cases we uncover many defect that is really know as BUGs in the diary of tester should be tracked so that developer can get the information all about the severity and location of defect in product.

6) Test Reporting and Quantitative measurement: In this phase we gather all the execution result and makes test report while in Quantitative measurement we measure the quality of product and for this purpose tester use a very mathematical algorithm that is known as Software quality metric

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