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Top Chrome Extensions For Better Productivity !!

In Today’s world, every single person has access to internet and they use to browser or perform their office, personal or business through browsers… A single browser can’t provide you everything that is needed to enhance quality of work or productivity of your job. This can be achieved through Chrome Extension.

In such scenario, We ask help from browser add-ons/extensions/plugins. These extensions add additional functionality to your browser which helps you to reduce your effort. Let’s take one such example of extension that is ‘To Do List’, this is one extension that helps user to keep track on work and help them to finish all the jobs listed in todolist.

Top Chrome Extensions For Better Productivity !!

To save your productivity and remain focused on work, here are some of the best productivity Chrome extensions:

Google Keep

For Google Chrome, Google Keep is a nice addition as Chrome Extension, as you want to keep all your data neatly arranged.

Its main purpose is to help you take notes and build to-do lists; you can save and add notes to pictures and pages as well. By making voice memos that are later transcribed, you can also take notes.

For your notes and lists, Google Keep also helps you to set up location-based reminders. Say, for a travel app, you have to do some on-location analysis. Only make a list of all the information you should keep an eye on and set up a location-based reminder so that as soon as you get to the location, Google Keep pulls up your list.

You can color-code them and associate them with labels to make your notes even more structured, so you don’t have to waste time searching for them.

So add this extension in chrome and take its advantages.

Clockify Time Tracker for Chrome

The extension Clockify Time Tracker for Chrome helps you to monitor time just quicker, just as in the app, so you don’t have to open the app just to start another timer.

You can monitor the time you spend on operations, and later use these findings to assess your productivity levels, see how you can make adjustments, and provide a record of your time for accurate billing.

Furthermore, you can also work with the Pomodoro timer in preset work and break cycles, detect the time you spend idle, integrate with 50+ other business apps, set reminders to track task time, and more.


A basic, but helpful task manager is the Todoist Chrome extension. With it, by arranging and delegating them directly from your Chrome, you can keep track of your programs, and handle all your activities.

If you have a lot of deadlines that you want to keep track of, this chrome extension is also great because it helps you to identify due dates and prioritize tasks accordingly.

You can color-code your tasks, create sub-groups and sub-projects, and micromanage your everyday workload to make matters simpler.


One of those Chrome extensions explicitly designed to improve your productivity is Noisli.

You just have to pick the sound combo you find most inspiring to concentrate better on the job at hand. This can be the noise of falling rain, the noise of a storm, the chatter of a coffee shop, the noise of wood, the crackling of the fire, the white noise, the noise of wind and crickets, and so on. There is a very comprehensive list of sounds, and you can mix any number of sounds you want.

Noisli is particularly useful if you work in an open workplace where you’re likely to be overwhelmed by the background noises. Just switch on the extension, pick a combination of sounds you like, and bring it in your headphones.


StayFocusd is the alternative for you if you cannot stay away from Youtube, Reddit, Facebook, and other time-consuming websites on your own. By minimizing the time you’re able to spend on them, this extension will help you avoid online distractions. Say that you want to limit the time you spend on Facebook every day to 10 minutes. Simply add Facebook to your blocked sites list, pick 10 minutes, and turn your focus to your everyday work. Occasionally, you can update Facebook, but you can only spend a total of 10 minutes a day on it. You will not be able to reach Facebook, or any other blocked website until the next day, once your 10 minutes are up. If your time on it has ended, you will still not be able to change the settings to allow yourself more minutes on a website, so your willpower won’t be tempted.

Nuclear Choice is another excellent feature of this extension. Here, you can set the number of hours or days on which you want those places to be fully excluded from accessing. And there’s no way you can turn it off once you turn on this option until the time you’ve entered has expired.

Productivity Owl

The Owl of Productivity makes sure you play the game of productivity and work quicker. This extension only allows you to browse a web page for a certain period before the web page closes.

An animation of an owl will accompany you to all the websites you browse and count your time down, reminding you to concentrate on the task at hand. It can also close inactive tabs after 15 minutes if this option is allowed.

To limit the time you spend on some time-consuming websites, you can use Efficiency Owl, but you can also fully block them. Or, by teaching yourself to find relevant information on web pages before the timer, you can learn to perform online tasks, such as analysis, faster.

Websites you often use for work may be white-listed. You can arrange your free time as well, and during this time, the Owl will not automatically close your pages.


Vimium is an enhancement of Chrome that helps you to access all your online work by using the keyboard.

You can use “J” and “K” by default to scroll to and from your Chrome tab. You can also use “Shift+F” to mean that you want to follow a link, so Vimium will show you all the links that you can click on that page, as well as the letters that you want to enter to open the new tabs for these links. By typing “O”, you can also quickly open Google searches, bookmarks, and history.

In essence, you will no longer have to mess with the mouse once you install Vimium, as all internet content will be only a shortcut away from the keyboard.

Win the Day

Win the Day is an extension that turns your Chrome into a tool for setting goals, where your goals can be set and your deadlines defined. Only enter the goal you want to meet and the deadline for it (1-13 weeks). You can set sub-goals within the major aim, which you can then approach regularly.

Once you have set it up, you will be able to track your progress towards this major target, as the days you have left to complete will count down this extension.

By encouraging you to enter up to 3 new practices you want to focus on, Win the Day will also help you develop new habits. You can also set a period when, by customizing your Focus Mode, you can focus thoroughly on a mission.


For many people, wasting time on Facebook is a fact, but with Todobook, you can make Facebook an ally in your job.

By converting your Facebook feed into a simple to-do list, this extension lets you concentrate on your job. Now, you won’t be able to idly scroll through your feed every time you visit Facebook, but you will be reminded of all the tasks you have to complete today. You’ll be able to use your usual Facebook feed again once you have completed all your daily workload.

Todobook can be tailored to function only between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m., and you can also specify your break time and the duration of your breaks.

You can also use it for YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, and several other similar procrastination websites, even though Todobook was first developed for Facebook.

Save to Pocket

You can save it using the Pocket extension for Chrome when you come across an article you’ll like to read later. Then, during the commute or when you’re awaiting the dentist’s appointment, you can read the article on your tablet. All the articles that you save sync with all your devices automatically and you can even read them offline.

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