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Top video tutorials to learn Selenium WebDriver

This post is dedicated to all testers who want to graduate them in field of automation testing using Selenium WebDriver using Java. Here I am enlisting some paid course that would cost you just equal to your next pizza party because these course could give a new direction to your career.

So here listing top 5 best courses on Selenium WebDriver which is going to help you to increase some zeroes in your paycheck.

1- Selenium WebDriver With Java – Novice To Ninja + Interview

and another one is from Alan Richardson

Selenium 2 WebDriver Basics With Java

2- Selenium – Java (Best for automation beginner)- on Live App

3- Selenium Webdriver Complete Course – Build A Framework


4- Selenium WebDriver Test Automation Framework With Real Project

5- Selenium WebDriver with Java


All above mentioned courses seems equally good but due to review comments and rating these are ranked like this.

Those who don’t want to spend money but still want to learn Selenium WebDriver(These courses might not cover all the topics), then these links could help them a lot

– Complete Java For Selenium WebDriver And Test Automation
 Selenium WebDriver Training with Java Basics
– Selenium tutorial for beginner,Free Selenium
 Selenium WebDriver Tutorial

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2 thoughts on “Top video tutorials to learn Selenium WebDriver”

  1. I have taken many classes in Selenium WebDriver with Java. I think the absolute best is Alan Richardson’s Selenium WebDriver for Java. Alan, the @eviltester, updates his course frequently. His course was based on tutorials he came up with when he and Simon Stewart was demoing WebDriver at EuroStar. When Firefox no longer worked due to some changes in the Selenium API in June 2016, Alan rushed to publish on his blog and on his course a workaround. https://compendiumdev.zenler.com/courses/selenium-2-webdriver-basics-with-java

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