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Abode QA  is a place where a bunch of passionate Software Professionals use to publish/write blogs, tutorials and articles on various software testing topics, who believes in the tag line of  “Idea worth spreading”. So keep reading Abode QA and be the part of this collaborative learning.

Abode QA has been founded by Dwarika Dhish Mishra, Years back and this was just the outcome of one bad day in the office and since then it is like a handbook to learn selenium and software testing. But the main contribution that comes to splurge this battle of sharing knowledge comes from Shruti Srivastava, Vishwas KumarPoorva Agnihotri, Sumit Bachani and Mahesh Tripathi.

Our Vision:
To Make learning cost-free

Our Mission:
To bring more quality tutorial online.

Help us to bring more quality content by

  • By Submitting testing related articles with Author detail.
  • By becoming the author on this site to contribute to people in need
  • By letting us know about area to improve
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