Selenium WebDriver Quiz

This quiz has been designed to test your knowledge of Selenium WebDriver. This quiz have 20 questions and this quiz has
time limit of 20 minute… So try to finish this quiz in 20 minutes.


This Selenium WebDriver quiz is going to help you crack many interviews if you seriously try to find answers for all the questions.

There are two types of the quiz, one is purely objective and second objective but give a sense of completeness of any subject so this Selenium WebDriver Quiz is created to bring your Selenium talent out.

This quiz is going to cover areas
– Basics of Selenium IDE, Selenium RC, and Selenium WebDriver

– Some questions would be related to windows size, some of them would be about importance of wait in selenium

So all the best for this QUIZ.

If you want to find answers for all these questions then go to SeleniumHQ

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