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Fitnesse – Introduction

Fitnesse automated acceptance tests are powerful tool for enhancing a requirement process. Skillfully applied, such tests make it possible to avoid the problems of Project Death By Requirements. Fitnesse tests can give us feature feedback very early in the project. In fact, the tests ought to be written first, so programmers can code to the tests.

Fitnesse tests can give us feature feedback very frequently. They can be executed manually or automatically by anyone with web access to the server.

Before hitting up on the practical examples and executable s, let’s begin with some very basic and useful definitions.



  • Fitnesse is a wiki web server, a collaborative testing and documentation tool.
  • Fitnesse provides an easy-to-use wiki to create web pages that are run as tests. Test pages have a button on them allowing all the tests on the page to be run, so any user can go to that page and click the button at any time, and see if the tests are passing


  • Fit is the most well-known implementation (open source framework) of the table-based acceptance testing approach.
  • Fit lets customers and analysts write “executable” acceptance tests using simple HTML tables.
  • A Fit table is a way of expressing the business logic using a simple HTML table. Fit compares these test cases, written using HTML tables, with actual values, returned by the system, and highlights the results with colors and annotations.


  • A fixture is an interface between the test instrumentation (in our case, the Fit framework), test cases (Fit tables), and the system under test.
  • Fixtures are procedures/functions/classes usually written by developers.

System Under Test:

System under test (SUT) refers to a system that is being tested for correct operation. The term is used mostly in software testing.

The term SUT means also a stage of maturity of the software, because a system test is the successor of integration test in the testing cycle.


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