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Basic Fit Fixtures

Today we will discuss the  types of Basic FIT Fixtures and their table format.But before that please go through these links for better understanding. Fitnesse – Introduction Fitnesse Installation/ Environment Setup Sample project for Fitnesse Understand Fixtures and Usability Recommendations in Fitnesse Following are basic fixtures in FIT Column Fixture Action Fixture Row Fixture Table Fixture  Import Summary Fixture  ColumnFixture maps …

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Understand Fixtures and Usability Recommendations in Fitnesse

Fixtures can broadly be divided into two categories: Basic FIT fixtures and FitLibrary Fixtures. Basic FIT Fixtures Basic FIT fixtures form a core set of test utilities. Provides a wide variety of fixtures that are dedicated to particular domain like: Repetitive test scenarios, workflow-style tests, Free form tables, to display a little bit of extra …

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Fitnesse Installation/ Environment Setup

Pre-requisites Environment Setup is required to test the application which includes the fitnesse server, Fitnesse plugin for eclipse, environment variables for classpath containing the required libraries for fitnesse etc. For more, refer next section. Create a sample project as discussed in the further section of the document. Environment Setup/Installation outside the eclipse It really takes very little time and …

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