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Fitnesse Installation/ Environment Setup


  • Environment Setup is required to test the application which includes the fitnesse server, Fitnesse plugin for eclipse, environment variables for classpath containing the required libraries for fitnesse etc. For more, refer next section.
  • Create a sample project as discussed in the further section of the document.

Environment Setup/Installation outside the eclipse

It really takes very little time and effort to get FitNesse running on the machine.

  • Go to http://fitnesse.org/FitNesseDownload and click on the most recent version of fitnesse.jar file and put it in some convenient empty directory.
  • Type java –jar fitnesse.jar on the command prompt with the same directory as that of fitnesse.jar.
  • When it’s done, it will ask you to reload fitnesse. Type java –jar fitnesse.jar again.
  • If you have nothing running on port 80 on your machine, you should see a message “Fitnesse (date code) Started”.
  • If you don’t see this, you may have something running on port 80 already, So try the command java –jar fitnesse.jar –p 8085
  • Start up a browser and go to http://localhost or http://localhost:8080.
  • Main fitnesse screen should come up. You’re ready to start using Fitnesse.

Fitnesse Integration with Eclipse

  • Get the Fitnesse Plugin for Eclipse
  • Go to Help→Software Updates→Find and install…
  • Create a new remote site using this URL http://www.bandxi.com/fitnesse/and install Fitnesse Tools 1.0.2. Refer the following figure:

Fitnesse Installation in eclipse

  • Create a new project in Eclipse
  • Add Fitnesse libraries to project classpath
  • Launch Fitnesse runtime on root folder

To discuss above three points more clearly, we will soon come up with a new post creating a sample project.

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  2. I tried installing the plugin from the path you have mentioned, but I am not able to add the fitnesse library into my working eclipse project.

  3. Hi Shruti
    i also tried installing this plugin but i am not able to add the fitnesse library into eclipse project .plz can you give me other option to do this better
    Thanks in advance

    Rohit gupta

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