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Sample project for Fitnesse

Let us break the entire process of creating Fitnesse project in chunks and move ahead discussing each step in detail.

Step1: Java Project Creation

  • First we create a new java Project.
  • Click onfitnesse icon (top left most side).
  • Select Java Project from the New Wizard.
  • Click Next.
  • New Java project window will open.
  • Enter Project Name “Addition”.
  • Remember to bullet mark the “create separate source and output folders” in project layout section.
  • Click Finish. Take a look at the following project hierarchy:

Fitnesse 1

Step2: Folder creation that will host the fitnesse wiki pages

  • Right click the project “Addition”.
  • Select New.
  • Select folder.
  • Give folder name: “Fitnesse”.
  • Click finish.

Step3: Adding fitnesse libraries to project classpath

  • Right click the project.
  • Select FitNesse.
  • Select “Add Fitnesse libraries to project classpath”. Libraries should be added to your project.

Step4: Launching FitNesse runtime on this root folder

  • Right click the Fitnesse folder.
  • Select FitNesse.
  • Select “Launch FitNesse runtime on this root folder”.
  • Fitnesse Launcher will appear.
  • Click yes. Since the folder is empty we let the plug-in create the initial contents.
  • Fitnesse screen will get open on local host. The project is ready for fitnesse based development.

Step5: Creating testpages with Fit table for addition

  • Click on the edit to edit the page.
  • Edit form will appear.
  • Add a wiki word in camel back style that will point to a new page that will host the fit table. (write Link to a NewTestPage)
  • Click save.
  • Click on the question mark. The “?” mark means that the page does not exists yet. By clicking on the mark we will create and edit the page.
  • We edit the page by adding level 2 title, some text and a table using column fixture. Each row has inputs (a and b) and output (sum()).
  • Level 2 title can be: !2 Test
  • Some text can be: This is a column Fixture.
  • Create a fit table. For this refer the following figure:

Fitnesse 2

  • Save it.
  • Now change the properties of the page by clicking on properties button on the left pane. Refer the following figure:

Fitnesse 3

  • Check test textbox.
  • Click save properties. Refer the following figure:


Step6: Creating fixture that bridges the fit table semantics and the code to be tested.

  • Right Click on src.
  • Click on class to create a new fixture class.
  • New Java Class window will appear.
  • Enter package: “fixtures”.
  • Enter name: “MyFixture”.
  • Enter superclass: fit.ColumnFixture.
  • Click finish.
  • Write the following code in the fixture class:

Fitnesse 5

Step7: Creating the actual system/ functionality under test

  • Create a new java class with package name: “math”.
  • Enter class name: “MyMath”.
  • Click finish.
  • Enter the following code whose behavior is tested according to what is specified in the fit table.

Fitnesse 6

  • Save both the classes.

Steps: Execute the test

  • Run the test and check the result. Check out the following figure:

Fitnesse 7Thus, the results can be analysed.

Hope this post turns out to be helpful for all those who want a quick start with Fitnesse.

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