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Good To Ask !

Good to Ask @ Work:

  • It’s always good to ask questions @work (In Meeting, Call, Conference, session, Interview) . But before to ask, take a couple of seconds and think over why, what, whom, when, how and where to ask. If you start practice to think on above points before ask; would help you
  • Always ask question in simple manner with easy language. Remember you language shouldn’t be offended, no matter who is in front of you.
  • Question should be specific and have defined scope. And it should be related to the topic.
  • Don’t club 2-3 questions in single question. Ask questions one by one if needed.
  • Questions should be short and straight.
  • Question’s intent should be to get information or confirmation. Never ask question to put others in trouble or trying to let down.
  • Please don’t ask questions for malicious purpose or to just show your knowledge.
  • Don’t ask much questions in any meeting or conference. If you have in bulk, schedule separate meeting with presenter or with limited audience. Or you can send your questions through email.
  • In Nut shell, Please have a precaution to ask questions, In-turn, question tell about your personality, thought process and knowledge level to others.
  • Question conversations in any meeting/session always increase the effectiveness and complete the purpose. Questions helps to get complete understanding of topic/problem.
  • Question helps to increase good communication between attendees.
  • And most important, Listen the reply attentively of your question. And don’t forget to say thanks to the person who answered.

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