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Book Review : Jasmine Cookbook

Are you a JS developer and want some framework that can help you to write unit test for your JavaScript, JQuery, Ajax then there is one framework especially design while keeping the pain point of JS developer and this is non other than Jasmine.Then question arises from where one should start then Jasmine Cookbook by Munish Sethi (Packet Publishing) could serve your search of a good book on this framework.

This book has been written for those people who are competent JavaScript developer, who wants to design and implement tests using Jasmine in order to minimize bugs in the production environment, But wait few second because before opening the very first chapter, you should be familiar with unit testing, code coverage or should be familiar with Node.js, Angular.js and other JS related languages. But this book has been design in such a way that can help you to fulfill your goal of learning this new Jasmine framework that is a BDD framework that has borrow lot of its concepts and feature more from Rspec.

This book has been broken in to 9 chapter covering :

Chapter 1, Getting Started with Jasmine Framework

Chapter 2, Jasmine with TDD and BDD Processes

Chapter 3, Customizing Matchers and Jasmine Functions

Chapter 4, Designing Specs from Requirement

Chapter 5, Jasmine Spies

Chapter 6, Jasmine with AJAX, jQuery, and Fixtures

Chapter 7, Code Coverage with Jasmine Tests

Chapter 8, Jasmine with Other Tools,

Chapter 9, Developing JavaScript Apps Using Jasmine – A Real-time Scenario

My Thoughts:

This book has been best design for experienced developer of JavaScript, Jquery and Ajax but presentation of content is more like a beginners guide that seems biggest USP of this book.

Jasmine CookbookIn this book, First Three chapter are just for beginners at some extent because this section is going to help you to understand setting up Jasmine and would also teach you how to design unit tests for JavaScript and would also give you overview about matchers those gonna help you to design Jasmine Specs  for pending specs along with exceptions. After going through these three chapter i am pretty sure that you would be able to differentiate the need of TDD and BDD approach . and you will get an analytical thought about the use of TDD  and BDD in your project. So if you are a beginner then be happy because these three chapters are written for you and after that you would be able to understand the use of this Jasmine framework.

My favorite chapter is seventh chapter that talks more about Code Coverage with Jasmine Tests, then question arises why do i like this chapter So my answer is , here you are going to generate the coverage report that is going to keep your business people satisfied and intend them to think  ” all is going well <It more like slogan of 3 Idiots movie “All iz well”>” because this shows all you effort  in numbers and business people do believe in numbers and percentage. This can be achieved only after going through this chapter and from here you would be able to understand the basics of code coverage that is used in our development or automation test creation. So believe me this is the chapter that is going to bring more appreciation from your business people and senior people in company hierarchy for you. Don’t worry, All the numbers and percentage of your code coverage would be taken care by the use of karma and istanbul  tools. Best thing that is in this chapter is its “How to do it” section because this is just a step by step implementation in real time project.

Apart from all above what is like most is its running code that can be either created by you while practicing this book or the same can be cloned from git repository. So after going through this book, I am pretty sure you would be pretty clear about Jasmine framework and its better use in real time environment.So at the end of this book you would be able to see one bonus chapter that is going to help you to create JavaScript App using Jasmine so this is the chapter that has been written for the pro -developers who have already master the Jasmine framework.


As per my understanding this is one the best book written on Jasmine and this should be used as bible of your solution of all your day to day problem…. But remember this is not a complete book for beginners, so to feel the aroma of Jasmine, you need to jump in to JavaScript scripting first and after that you would be able to swim in this book comfortably.


Book & Author details

ISBN 139781784397166
Paperback       276 pages
Author             Munish Sethi
You can buy this book from Packt and Amazon
PACKT : http://bit.ly/1FsAZi7
Amazonhttp://goo.gl/nwmlJsNote : review is based on free copy received from Packt Publishing

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