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What Is Software Testing and Why Software Testing Is So Important

What Is Software Testing

Before reading about What is  Software Testing, lets read Google Quote, so here is the  Google quote

“we are testing and breaking code constantly, but we help rebuild it better.”

Take some time and ponder over quote where it is clearly written that we are testing and we are unearthing coding mistakes and errors which downgrade the quality of product and with every single error, we move towards building a great or better product. So you can say that testing is healthy for the quality of the product. So let’s see some definitions of Software Testing.

What is Software Testing?

Software testing is a process which contains a series of activities which ensures that software would work as expected when exposed to target customers and users.
So here Software Testing fulfils two purposes:
1- Demonstrate the quality of the product because it works as expected by the target customer.
2- Detects error, bug, defects early and let the team fix it fast before sending to market. 

Software testing is known to unearth errors, mistakes, and gaps in the complete software development lifecycle. This process is a chain of validation and verification on every stage of SDLC to make sure it works as expected by all stakeholders and target customer.

What is the importance of Software Testing?

Software testing psychology says that always see any of the product as failed as soon as it enters in software testing life cycle and detect as many as defects, error and anomaly that most of the scenarios get addressed and fixed before it goes to the market. Because one it is market either it will cause a crisis or bring shame on the name of the creator. 
But before moving ahead why not we see some of the major failures in recent years which has caused embarrassment and legal litigations 

1- 16 February 2020: This was Sunday and 100 of flights were disrupted and this was caused by a small technical glitch in airlines system. Thousands of passengers were walking helplessly within the terminal and this was one of the biggest embarrassment in the history of Airlines operation.

2- Amazon and The $150 million Typo: In March 2017, small typo in command has caused million dollar loss and have also hampered services of many other companies which rely on the AWS services.

3- April 1994:  Chines airbus A300 crashed and gutted down more than 250 people and this was caused by software failure.

4- April 1999: This is the most costlier failure in recent years, where one of the military satellite launched failed due to software failure and dusted $1.2 billion.

5- Google Plus shutdown: Google was planning to close its social site google plus but they were hit by security breach where almost lakhs of customer’s personal details were exposed and they has decided to close the social site to save the company from regulatory scrutiny and reputational damage.

This list is huge, but have listed some of them to show how software can bring much company under regulatory scrutiny as well as economical loss and some of the incidences might gulp life of hundreds of people.
So such incidences make testing one of the important pillars of the software development lifecycle.
So here is some important statement that every tester should remember about software testing

  • is done to find the error in the product.
  • it is done to verify that product conforms to the requirement.
  • it is done to make sure that the product is doing what is expected.
  • it is done to find the compatibility of its different modules.
  • it is needed to find risk earlier before it damages the reputation of the product.

More precisely, the tester can be viewed as a critique who helps the developer to see the glitches left in development and in turn developer makes changes in the code which adheres with client requirement.

If you are taking software testing as cakewalk then remember, this is not the skill set to learn but this is a thought process that flows as soon as you step in as software tester. Because software tester is known as the headlight of the vehicle who gives alert of all coming danger and path holes before, and helps in decision making, to speed up the vehicle or time to press the foot on the break.


5 Benefits of Software Testing

1- Early testing of any software can save huge money because there is one line, longer a defect get undetected costlier it is to fix. This is going to cost you your customers and peoples life. So testing should get stated since the very beginning of the project. If product is so called defect-free means you can sell it at a higher price with good profit and Apple is one such example.

2- Satisfied and reliable customer base:  If a company is producing quality product with better security measures more happy customer get associated and more revenue grows. The more loyal customer comes and shares happiness with others and without any cost company get more and more customer. 

3- Increase productivity and efficiency of the company:  If the customer is not reporting bugs or defects, means the company workforce can think more about additional features. This can be achieved only when software testing is included in the development lifecycle.

4- Better User Experience:  Have you thought why people use Apple product. Let me help you… Apple products provide the best user experience and this is not possible in the lake of intensive testing before launching the product in the market.

5- Increase Customer Confidence and prevents corporate emergencies or regulatory scrutiny.

Type of Software Testing

In general, Software Testing is categories in two-part

1- Functional Testing: 
2- Non-Functional Testing 


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