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Utilize Off-time (less work) @Office


To be a champion, compete; to be a great champion, compete with the best; but to be the greatest champion, compete with yourself.

1.       Make complete use of your Off-time (less work) at office. This comes for energize yourself. You can re-organize, re-think and do many things for yourself.

2.       When you have time in between your daily routine, you should do many useful tasks i.e. arrange email-inbox, assemble system file/folders, organize your work station.

3.       Get rid of old files/folders which is just eating up disk space of your system.

4.       Review your previously done work to make list of improvement and documents should be updated.

5.       Re-organize your meetings/appointments timings according to current necessities.

6.       Give a thought on your current position. Assess yourself.

7.       Do planning for near future. Off-time gives you time as you required.

8.       But, Please DON’T waste Off-time into Gossips/Daydreaming. It gives you nothing but will make bad impression among team memebers.

So always remember, Leisure time is to improve your thinking. So give sometime to yourself and ponder over future.

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  1. UTILIZE OFF-TIME (LESS WORK) @OFFICE ==> this is something which we all need to take care when we are on bench or we have less work in office.

    Enable your potential or increase your technical competency to face future with efficiently.

    Nicely written article Mahesh

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