Test Cases to test software update before its release

Since we are familiar with the update notification in our windows and Ubuntu machines and every day when we connect with internet, we get update, notification for windows update near other system icons.

So lets start with the meaning of update and what is included in update and how it cause impact on the user experience after update

What is Update and what is included in update

Updates are additions to software  that can help to fix problem and bug and this also improves the performance of software along with the user experience.

Impact of updates

  • It helps to fix all bug those were not fixed in previous version of software

  • It increases the performance of software

  • It also increases the security aspect of software if it is related to sharing of data through it, like some software related to banking

  • Some time it also helps to add some extra feature in software

  • User interface sometime also improved by updating the software

  • Updates also increase the stability of software and we get solution of certain system crash due to software

Since update increases the user experience, then this is the responsibility of product company to test each and every  aspect of fix and enhancement before releasing update.

Here I am suggesting some test cases that will help tester to test fixes and enhancement package that is included in update

1- verify the way of update .

  • Automatic update : verify system check for update everyday at a fix time suppose i am taking 2 am time.
  • Manual Update: verify manual update check ( Go to help-> click on update link  and wait for few moment it will show update if update would be available).

2- Verify the version of software before every update.

3- Verify the version of software just after update ( version of software should increase I am taking the example of Adobe reader, suppose version before update is 9.5 and after update it starts showing 9.5.1).

4- Verify on clicking notification, update asks for Licensing agreement.

5- Verify installation should start just after accepting Licensing agreement (Some time EULA appears before update).

6- Verify installation should terminate after disagreeing with licensing agreement.

7- Verify error messages when disk space is low at time of installation of update( Error message should ask for disk clean-up).

8- Verify installation of update when internet connection get disconnected  and error message should appear for internet connection.

9- Verify proxy server from where update are being downloaded for installation.

10- Verify message something like this”Software is updated and there is no update present” when we try for manual update.

11- Verify compatibility of software if there is some conflict with certain software or hardware in earlier version.

12- Verify disk space used by update

13- Verify for effective implementation of update restart is needed

14- Verify the language at Licensing agreement page

15- Verify update at various kind of user like User with Admin privilege, user with standard user account and user for user with no permission to do any change in system configuration

16- Verify installation of update when firewall is on and security is high

17- Verify installation of update at  low-speed internet and at high-speed net

19- Verify uninstallation of software after update

20- Verify the uninstallation of software updates ( To make sure user could uninstall software updates if any thing goes wrong)

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