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What Is Difference Between Test Case and Test Scenario?

Test Case and Test Scenario

When i have started my career as Test Engineer, I was bit confuse between Test Case and Test Scenario. After a long time I came to know the basic difference between Test Case and Test Scenario, the two typical keyword of testing which are the base of whole testing. but this confusion was due to the interlinked connection between Test Scenario and Test Case. Finally I has come to know the difference between test case and Test Scenario

– Test Scenario : is a hypothetical story flow that covers all the typical and unusual workflow and situations that may occur in product. It means Scenario is just the story that covers all the expected flows of product that any end-user can follow while using the product While  Test Case: is just the conditional or a kind of variable that is given as input to test whether functionality is working fine or not. The pass and fail criteria of a test case is normally mentioned in Test Plan.

– normally test scenario is the sequence of test cases that are executed one after other while Test Case are just the single step to accomplish the task.

Test scenario ensures that all business flow has been covered and tested end to end while Test case ensure that a single step has been covered well.

– So most of the people use to say that test scenario is just the way “What to test ” and it normally speaks about functionality while Test Case say “How to Test”.

– Test Scenarios are derived from some use case while Test Cases are the integral part of Test Scenario or can say the connecting ring.

I think now you will be able to differentiate test scenario and Test Cases

Typical Test Case format <each test case template contains all the following keywords as Column>

Test Case ID


Test case Description

Test Data




Drop Down (Automated/Manual)

Expected Result

Actual Result



Since this is generic format and this test case format varies from company to company. Since in my company we normally mention the Priority and Severity in test case format as well . So be ready and make your very first test case template at your own.  Good Luck

your opinion is expected and if i have left anything then please mention this through your comments

28 thoughts on “What Is Difference Between Test Case and Test Scenario?”

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  2. To tie things together you could also exercise 1 test case with several test conditions. But you can run several test cases within 1 test scenario

  3. Muhammad Sufian Javed

    Hi Dwarika,

    This is how I describe Case and Scenario:

    *Test Case:*
    Written thought or idea with predefined specific or atomic input so as to produce certain expected output.

    *Test Scenario:*
    Test scenario is putting different ideas together usually in a sequence to test any specification.

    Please correct me if I am wrong!

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  10. Anjali Adhikari

    It is very difficult to find out the Test scenarios as you said it is ”what to test” by a person. So, Who is responsible in a company to work on test scenarios? What happens if they miss one in test case based on ”what to test”??

    1. Very nice question.

      Once we say who is responsible then answer is we are responsible..We need to find what we need to test and in service industry once you find some things that you think you need to include then first go to your client/stackholder and ask for his approval because we have a lot of thing to test but every time we should focus more on Quality Criteria and what is needed to client.

      But this is one task that is expected from people in team who have prior knowledge and understanding of the domain and product…but this can be done by any one, designation doesn’t matter.

      1. Anjali Adhikari

        What is the difference between User Interface Testing and Functionality Testing? Which Testing should be Performed First? In SRS, If User Interface Testing is mentioned first with Test ID and Functionality Testing as second. Now, Which to perform First. The Application also contains two user one the ‘general user’ and the other the ‘Product owne’r who can update, about his product . Please let me know. I am getting trouble to write test cases. User interface describes different web page design with different title for ‘general user’ and ‘product owner’ and to get in to that web page i think we need to go through Login, process which comes under functional testing.

        1. Which part you need to test first, totally depends upon your clients need what they want first ..

          But if we talk about generic scenario then i would say
          we should focus more on functional testing first and then we should focus about alignment/UI(but UI should be approx location ).

          In case of use credential i would suggest to impart equal effort in testing functional part of both user. In UI we have some change in plan, because we would focus more on UI of end user.

          This is my perception but might be various people have various views..

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