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Might be, I am not a tester so you are

3 Months back, I was interviewed by a company which has been enlisted as one of India’s rapidly growing company. Since this was an interview, so I was a little bit nervous but was prepared for this, I cleared one filtering process and proceeded to the next level where Two people were in interview panel and they asked multiple questions and I have answered all most questions.

But one question where my view was totally different from them and their views were quite different from the theoretical and practical point of view.

Q: Can you tell me the severity of a bug, Where print functionality is working when we are clicking print from Menu but it is not working if we are clicking CTRL +P

My Answer: I said severity for such kind of bug would be Medium or as per type of severity, It could be categories as Normal. For supporting my point I said that we have two way to attain Print functionality in which one is working and second is not working means users have the option to print the document anyhow. So I will say medium severity /normal

Interviewer: But the interview said that this would be pinned in Critical severity because Everyone knows that CTRL+ P is assigned for the print command.

MY Answer:  I interrupted them and as per my theoretical and practical knowledge, I gave them the justification of critical severity bug and all the symptoms.

Interviewer: Then what would be the priority 

My Answer: Medium if this product has already shipped to market and High if this requirement has been mentioned in requirement otherwise this is not always true that print functionality should work for all product.

Interviewer: No this should be kept in Immediate fix because everyone knows CTRL+P is assigned for print.

Since this was just the interview and person on the other side of the table remain always right because he/she has a legitimate authority to determine who should get in to project.

I waited for a few minutes and then HR came and said Dwarika Leave for the day and we will convey our message within 2-3 days.

But through this post, I just want to know the answer to this question.

But the first time, I was missing the entertainment of interview and was thinking might be  I don’t know the basics of testing and I should still work on my foot.

But waiting for another brainstorming session with the great brain with greater experience…

11 thoughts on “Might be, I am not a tester so you are”

  1. Hi Dwarika,

    It comes under high risk if the product has already been shipped to market and if itz been mentioned in the requirements. Moreover itz a critical as itz a functionality…thatz my take on it. Anywayz dont worry, you will get better offers :):):)

  2. This post of yours reminds me one of the situation, when my iMac didn’t had a “mouse” connected and I was supposed to make most of the keyboard… and in such case,
    if I find “CTRL+P” not working – I would rate it a “high” issue.

    But I completely agree with your opinion on – ” If this product has already shipped to market and High if this requirement has been mentioned in requirement other wise this is not always true that print functionality should work for all product…”
    But you cannot blame any of the interviewer – since “you are not aware” of the specifications they seeking..
    You could have asked for more bullets- on the specifications.. 😉
    And wish you luck for future!

    1. @B.N
      Thanks for your answer and wish.
      Actually my intention is not to criticize or offend any interviewer but I was trying to convey my Question to people who are very good in testing and are having more experience working with such kind of situations/Defects or bugs.

  3. The Severity & Priority both will be high in this case whether the product is shipped to market or it is going in the marker first time…

  4. Severity – High
    Reason: Print Module fails because of that missing Ctrl +P functionality but we have a workaround available.
    Priority – High
    This means the bug should be fixed as soon as possible.

  5. No..There many examples of Low Severity, High Priority and High Severity, Low Priority Bugs..

    Low Severity, High Priority – Logo
    High Severity, Low Priority – Application crashes on a particular scenario but rare one.

  6. @namita – Seemz to be like u r fresher or having less experience in testing field,.,.,. tel us sumthin cool,.,.,.n ,.,.,.interesting dat few of us know,.,.!!,.,.,.,. js think out of da box,.,.., datz it,.,.!!

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