I am tester so ……!!!!!!

These Tester’s are just the pain in A**, they never care about us and always try to file bug even if a font is not right and even they will file a bug if the logo on a website is slightly small or big, They always see them as the troublemaker. They never bring the solution but always come as a messenger to bad news that certain thing is not working. This is the kind of thought Developer has for a tester. But if they will cast their attention on the market then they will see apology mail or product call off everywhere. Even the Company like Toyota and Apple say sorry to their user for their inconvenience in use of their product.

Developers always complain about the system break caused by Tester during testing and they think that they are having the breaking attitude. But they never think that testers are saving them from being embarrassed due to a low-quality product that no one wants to purchase if a company would not earn then how we will think to live a sustainable life. Normally tester finds out already broken point where Developer has made some mistake in the code. Tester only tries to validate and verify the product to ensure the better quality by testing.

But at the end of the day when the product gets ready for its release to an end user, only the name of the company get defamed due to a low-quality product and this impacts everyone so why not developer and tester have a better understanding and why don’t they try to work as a buddy.

Image has been take from Software Test Professional Magazine


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