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Write Test Cases For ATM Machine

Write Test Cases For ATM Machine: Interview Prep

Write Test Cases For ATM Machine

If you are going to attend an interview in some of the top ATM manufacturer like NCR Corporation India Pvt Ltd, In such cases it’s imperative to understand how ATM works and they may ask to write Test Cases for ATM Machine.

Whenever any person asks you to write test cases. He doesn’t want to see whether you write it correctly or not. He wants to see how analytical you are. How you approach any new challenges and how to starts with this problem statement.

Test Case Creation is an art and this is more like the flow of though. Since we are here to get an idea about test cases. So we are going to write high-level test cases. Still, you want to see test cases template in detail then read my post difference between test cases and test scenario

So let’s start writing test cases for ATM without any delay. In this post, we will follow these categories as per its definition to write test cases for ATM

  • Philosophical
  • Economic
  • Operational
  • Value addition

Philosophical Test Cases: This section will cover built, look and feel, components and simplicity of use.

  • Check all components are clubbed together and are intact as a complete functional unit.
  • Check the internet, power supply and space of its installation. Space is one constraint that should be tested first.
  • Check ATM’s labels are intuitive. One example of the intuitive message – Insert Card When Signal is Green, Cash, Receipt Text should be written on machine.
  • Check the Keyboard to enter the password. This might be a separate keyboard or will be on screen.
  • Check eye-catching colours should be used for labels.
  • Check the weight of the ATM and should not be easily movable.
  • Check texts are readable
  • Check font of texts written on the machine and on-screen are easily readable.

Economic Test Cases: This kind of test cases always talks about the cost.

  • Check the operational electric power required.
    • Try to operate on less than expected power. This should not harm the ATM.
    • Try to operate on more than expected power. This should not harm the ATM.
  • Check unit of power used in per unit of time.
  • Check All safety measures to safeguard end-user from
    • Electrocute
    • ATM falls on the user during use.
  • Check internet speed which is required.
    • Throttle internet speed and check its operation
  • Check internet data consumed per unit of time on use and without use.

Operational Test Cases: This kind of test cases covers all the functionality and attributes of the ATM.

There are multiple components in ATM, That will be verified functionally
Card Reader
Cash dispenser
Keyboard if not touch screen
Receipt Printer
Display and buttons attached on-screen or off-screen.

Card Reader

  • Check whether the card is working correctly or not by inserting the valid card. Follow all instruction on the screen and see if asking for pin or not.
  • Check Above test cases for all other banks cards
  • Check correct message is coming or not when inserting the card in a card reader with the wrong alignment.
  • Check the invalid card and see a message stating invalid card is coming on screen or not.
  • Check instruction on the screen, if user insert card when the machine is not ready like green lights or some notification is not up.
  • Check card collection notification or message appears on the screen after one complete transaction. (Valid for cash collection and balance enquiry).
  • Check the message on the screen when the user inserts valid card but inserts the wrong pin.
  • Check the message when using an expired card. Card expiry message should appear on the screen.
  • Check extreme cases of safety, if the user provides the wrong password more than 3 attempts. Card block message or connect with bank message should appear on the screen.

Cash Dispensar & Cash Withdrawl

  • Check cash withdrawal is possible with a correct pin.
  • Check cash withdrawal limit in one transaction (Like in most of the Indian bank it say maximum 10k or 20k).
  • Check user can only ask for money withdrawal in multiple of 100 or 500 depends on the machine.
  • Check multiple cash transaction with a single pin
  • Check money withdrawn from the account as per available balance. ( Try more than available balance and see )
  • Check session timeout in the complete transaction process
    • Enter card and wait for next one minute or two
    • Enter card and navigate as per instruction on the screen and wait on pin page
    • Enter card and follow all instruction and wait when cash is out from the dispenser and now check the balance.
  • Check the balance in the following cases
    • when money withdrawal is successful.
    • when cross free transaction limit.
    • when the transaction fails.
    • when power cut or resources fail during a transaction.
    • when the transaction is interrupted by pressing the cancel button.
    • when the transaction is interrupted by pressing any button on the screen.

Keyboard / Touch Screen

  • Check correct text is inserted when pressing the button on keyboard either on-screen or from the keyboard. ( For this enter correct set of pin once and then incorrect set of the pin)
  • Check cancel button is working correctly
  • Check enter button works correctly when the user enters the correct pin and click it
  • Check functionality of all buttons available.
  • Check is there any other way to perform all action without using the keyboard ( This is the negative case)

Receipt Printer

  • Check receipt printer prints receipt after each complete transaction only when user opt for a receipt
  • Check when the user opted no receipt.
  • Check message printed on receipt in case of cash withdrawal or balance enquiry.
  • Check one receipt for one complete transaction.
  • Check error message appears when there is no paper to print or user is notified when providing its input for receipt.

Display & Keys attached with screen

  • Check error message for all failure or success
  • Check keys available on-screen works accordingly.
  • Check the right set of instructions appear on the screen when the valid card used.
  • Check operation on-screen.
  • Check message are visible and readable to the user and in the language selected.
  • Check banks detail appears only with the correct pin.
  • Check message for low balance, failed transaction, technical problems, transaction exceed, transaction limit exceed and any failure appear on the screen.

Value Addition Test Cases: This kind of test cases are for customer satisfaction.

  • Check transactions are easy to use and information and navigation are intuitive.
  • Check atm should be feature-rich.
  • ATM installed with security feature
  • CCTV installed properly to counter any wrong did.
  • In case of help, executive or guard should be installed.
  • Cost of ATM should be in market competition with the best attributes for sale of ATM.

So here I am concluding high-level test cases for ATM. Hope you understand it and will use the same approach while creating the test cases for anything. If you find this post valuable then share it and also comment here.
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