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Daily Bytes : Good to follow at office

  • Should be Organize. It’s advisable and good, to have To-Do task List with when you about to start a day for Work.
  • Always follow proper communication with your team members, seniors and Client as well.
  • Show your confidence to Seniors and encourage Junior members to ask questions/share their concerns(If any)
  • Always Convey your point of view in a proper manner in any discussion.
  • It’s obvious to forgot, but it’s prudent to take notes while you are in meeting/session/wherever required.
  • Always ask/write email and take confirmation if required.
  • First listen properly and try to understand the context when you are in any professional communication.
  • Always Speak up with facts/figures and proofs in the official conversation.
  • Avoid to be part of any gossip talks and refrain public criticism.

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