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Seniors – Should try

    1. Always carry your experience/position in office. Your Colleague/Team see you in that perception only.
    2. It would be highly recommended, to have specific discussions/meeting with member(s) in conference room/cabin instead of common area. Sometimes, it disturbs your nearby or your team member may hesitate while conversation.
    3. Don’t club your personal choices and professional attitude. It’s very hard to follow, but should try.
    4. Always remember – We (Seniors) are here to help team members. It’s our job to mentor them.
    5. Always try to convince team First. Don’t drive, enable team to self-driven.
    6. If any disagreement between two team members, should listen both to take any decision.
    7. Never show any affections to any member/team. Don’t put any employee(s) in your good book.
    8. Never use any word/phrases which shows your personal preference to any team member or specific team. It sometimes discourage others; may be your intentions were not.
    9. Never skip any chance to praise team members. Always be in Communication with them. Specially take care of introvert team member(s). 🙂

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