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Digital Certificate and its working

Do you really care about digital certificate when you are making online money or data transaction, it hardly matters for us whether digital certificate is available or not but this may cause trouble to all of us some day we really don’t care.because more than half of the population doesn’t know anything about Digital Certificate.But this is the imperative for any secure information transaction made.

So Let’s start something in detail about Digital Certificate

Digital Certificate is a electronic document act like a passport and it contains detail about the owner and issuer, Here Issuer is an authorized body that issue the digital certificate and is accepted by all. Mainly digital certificate is used for authentication purposes and for secure transaction and this also ensure the integrity and confidentiality of a communication.

Digital Certificate keeps hiding a secret between owner and issuer and that is a secret private password but along with this Issuer of certificate also release public password or public secret key. Now you would be thinking what this non-sense is. Once authority is issuing private key and later also issuing public key then what left hidden once issuer issues some public keys. Then listen, once Private and public keys are used simultaneously can reveal the secret otherwise information would be encrypted and information could not be retrieved in the real form in which it was before encryption.

Let’s understand this with one example

Suppose I want to send one confidential mail to you so to make it secure from any mishandling of the information I would encrypt this information with my secret private key (password) and then I would encrypt this with your public key. When you would receive my mail then you can use my Public key to decrypt  encryption made by my private key and again you can decrypt encryption done by using your public key by using your Private Key.  So here you can see how the pairing of private key and public key is being used to decrypt the encryption made by private along with public key. Means to retrieve the data as it was written you need both private and public key all together. Because Private key is being authenticated by public key and ensuring that This was me who has sent the mail and by using private key of your you are making authentication that that mail was for you.

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