Learn why Functional Testing is so important

Most of the time people ask, what is the need of functional testing when developer already do the unit and integration testing to certain extents( Assuming developer runs only happy path in most of the cases)?. It sounds good as well, but we always forgot that developer wants to see things working, they never do the negative scenario in most of the cases. This causes most of the security and architectural defects in any of the product.

Functional testing is done to ensure that product is ready for specific release and it also tell us the actual status of product at any point of time.

– For theĀ missing functionality.

– For interface errors.

– For Incorrect specification.

– Most of the time initialization errors are found during integration of many module with context of a complete product.

– Sometimes functional testing also helps in finding termination error.

Functional testing is also known as “Black Box Testing “. It means tester is not interested in the code but is more interested in the goal of the software. A dedicated tester is required to test the functionality given by the code that is written in back-end.


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