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Using Remote Fitnesse


1. The fitnesse server should be started on the remote machine where user would like to execute the fixtures.
2. While testing a web application, application needs to be deployed at the end where the fixtures are executed.

Why should I use Import?

It is most practical to have a main FitNesse server where all the tests are maintained and new tests are added. However, it is not practical for all the users to run the tests on one server. Therefore each user should have a FitNesse installation in their development environment. The test pages from the main server get imported by each user so they can execute the most recent tests against their current code base.

How do I use Import?

Create a page or use an existing page that will contain the imported wiki (fit). Open the properties view of this page. There is a form title Wiki Import. Supply the URL to the remote wiki that needs to be imported and submit the form. An import view is displayed where all the imported pages are being listed. It may take a few moments for the import to complete. Once a wiki has been imported, it may be updated at any time. Simple open the properties view of the importing page or any imported page. There will be a button in the Import Wiki section. Clicking this button initiate an update of all the imported pages beneath the currently selected page. Refer the following figure for a better understanding:

Remote Fitnesse 1

Automatic Update Option

In the WikiImport section of the properties page, there is a check box that says: “Automatically update imported content when executing tests”. Enabling this option will start an update for any test page prior to execution. Child pages will inherit this option from parent pages, which means it need to only set on the root of test hierarchy.

Is there any setting required to access fitnesse while executing testcases on the remote machine?

No Settings are required. The IP Address of the remote system with the port should be written in the address bar of the local system. Following is one such example with the figure:

Remote Fitnesse 2

The required wiki gets open. The testcases are executed on the remote machine and the results are rendered back to the local machine. Prerequisites are not required in this case.

How to run local testcase on the remote fitnesse?

It is required to give the IP address and the port number of the remote machine in the testcase itself.

If you want to run a single testcase on two different browsers on two different machines then it is recommended to use selenium grid as it would require to create two server instances.

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