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Understand Fixtures and Usability Recommendations in Fitnesse

Fixtures can broadly be divided into two categories: Basic FIT fixtures and FitLibrary Fixtures.

Basic FIT Fixtures

Basic FIT fixtures form a core set of test utilities. Provides a wide variety of fixtures that are dedicated to particular domain like: Repetitive test scenarios, workflow-style tests, Free form tables, to display a little bit of extra data on the page etc. Basic Fit Fixtures include standard forms of fixtures and their variations are included as a part of Fit Library Fixtures.

FitLibrary Fixtures

FitLibrary started as a third-party set of fixtures, but it was so useful that it is now considered as a part of the standard test types. FitLibrary provides general-purpose library fixtures for Fit and FitNesse. It includes Fixtures, which provide an elegant way of organizing story tests in general and of expressing workflow in particular.

They are further divide into ColumnFixture, Setup Fixture etc. For more fixtures refer figure:

Fitnesse FixtureIn the subsequent posts, we will discuss each of the Fixture types with a more clearer picture.


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