Download free software testing books written by India’s most popular tester and mentor

Its my pleasure  to publish the links of all books written by Ajay Balamurugadas, He is one of the leading IT professional who has intended many of like me to learn testing and this is not the only thing that makes him unique and respectful among many of India’s leading Testing Mentors but his philanthropic nature to help fellow testers to move ahead with a good pace..and In India mythology and religious books there is one line of quote “Vidya Dan hi maha dan hai“.Every day he is mentoring people and he is always ready to teach you even in between his busy schedule.

These are the list of books, he has written and all books are pretty popular among testing fraternity..So hope you guys would also enjoy reading these books

Feel free to download the books for free.
Book 1: What If: A collection of tips from a software tester
Book 2: What If: 50+ tips to win testing contests
Book 3: What If: 50+ tips to boost your productivity
Book 4: What If: 50+ tips to improve tester-programmer relationship
Book 5: Mobile Testing: Ready Reckoner
Book 6: UI and UX Testing: Ready Reckoner

At the end of this post I would say Thanks to Ajay Sir for his great effort to bring such a nice thought of testing and making it popular among new breed of tester through his initiative of Hands-On Training on Software Testing and Weekend testing.

Thank you Ajay sir


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