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Katalon Studio : Grabbing more attention then ever

Quality is the best potion to win hearts.


Product success is totally based on two things majorly(There could be 1000 of reason, I am not denying)

  • How much it fulfills the need of end user.
  • How handy product is in use.

But over it, there is need of an idea that could be nurtured well with better execution and timely release in the market. But you would be thinking why i am writing all these things on this testing related site, so let me tell you that i am talking about one automation tool that recently have gain a very good fan following and have lured a huge chunk of Selenium WebDriver Practitioner and UFT … Let me do the guess work for you …this is none other than Katalon Studio and this tool has both quality. But along with this, there are more points that make Katalon a leading tool in current market (unanimously Selenium WebDriver is king of all time now it is w3c standard)

  • Quick implementation of suggestion from community member : It doesn’t matter from where suggestion comes, If suggestion is going to add value then very soon you will get the same stubbed in newer version of Katalon Studio
  • Monthly newsletter:  I have joined many tools newsletters but consistency that i have seen in Katalon newsletter, have never seen before and more over this tool is free means free. Here are some best quality of these newsletter
    • What’s new and where people can learn more about these new feature and for each new feature they already have documentation and user guide that make it par better then any other automation tool
    • Resource section :  In this section they provide list of offers on ebook, articles, video tutorials(this could be free or paid) from where user can learn about Katalon Studio.Best thing is, if they(katalon team) finds any article/video/ebook related to Katalon Studio then never wait to appreciate it. For appreciation purpose they normally feature the content either in newsletter or on their official site
    • Katalon top discussions : In this section of newsletter they mention quality questions asked in katalon forum that need attention of every katalon user.
    • Be Katalon contributors: In this section they makes appeal to contribute to localize the documentation and tutorials of katalon studio
    • Share your experiences : In this section as well Katalon appeals to read to share their experience about katalon so that they could work more on quality side of tool.

Here I am sharing one newsletter which contains all above sections.


February Digest
What’s new?


The Katalon Docker image embeds Katalon Studio and common popular
tools such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Xvfb.



Automate any web applications using
Katalon Studio


Jenkins and GIT integration with
Katalon Studio


Use the Selenium Webdriver
feature within Katalon Studio
Highly useful tutorials
Katalon top discussions
Be Katalon contributors
Katalon Team is looking for contributors to localize Katalon Studio’s
documentation and tutorials. If you are willing to help, please contact us.
Share your experiences

You have a good (or even bad) experience about Katalon Studio? Please let us

and others know and learn from your experiences.

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  • Complete Documentation :  Katalon has a very good documentation, if any one is following these documentation religiously then i am pretty sure he/she is not going to seek any other resource to learn Katalon Studio. Read documents from documentation section
  • Katalon Forum: This is the best place to learn solution of many complex queries.

Until now we have seen the quality parameters that intends user(Testers) to get associated with this tool.

Now we are going to take reference of few of its previous release. So starting from the recent one

  1. Version 5.4 :  This is the version that has thrashed me to write this post over here because since long i have been using Rest Assured with Katalon Studio to meet my Rest API automation but this release has provided a full fledged support for SOAP and Rest API Automation and this was the part that has made Katalon a real time api automation tool. So why not we are going to walk through complete feature released in version 5.4
    1. New API Testing: Fully support SOAP and REST API automation. Users now have more capabilities to improve the API automation activities.

      Execution Profiles: Automation tests can be executed dynamically by configurable profiles, defined by a combination of multiple attributes.

      Sensitive Text Encryption: Text encryption feature allows users to encrypt any sensitive text right in the test case and capable to decrypt on-the-fly at runtime.

      Auto-update: The newest version will be delivered directly while letting users continue to work uninterrupted.

      Templates for Custom Keywords: Adding the options to generate sample template when users create new custom keywords.

      Learn more

Similarly if go through previous version then we could see following addition

  • Katalon become docker-ready
  • Implementation of setup/tear down
  • Support for headless execution for Firefox
  • Enabling import of Selenium IDE script for advance scripting and many more features that if i would take time then it will become a ebook of more than 100 pages.


So here  i am making request with our friends(Testing fraternity) to be associated with this team and contribute because this is not going to cost you anything. With this tool, you will also think of learning groovy basic that is again going to help you in advance scripting with in Katalon Studio and will also open up many ways to learn more automation tools/framework like GEB Framework and  SOAPUI .


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