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Installation of Selenium IDE in Firefox

Downloading and Installation of Selenium IDE

What is Selenium IDE

Selenium IDE is an add-on in Firefox (This can’t be used in other browsers) and developed to allow testers and developers to record their actions as they follow the workflow that they need to test and later they play it to save their time of regression testing.

  • Selenium IDE provides Record and play option 
  • Selenium provides conversion of recorded script in to java,C#,Ruby,Python
  • Selenium IDE provides one more feature like Verification and  Assertion of element on page
  • Selenium IDE  is also developed with help of JavaScript so able to handle Browser automation by injecting scripts in it

Step by step Downloading and Installation of Selenium IDE


  1. Go to http://seleniumhq.org/download
  2. Click on Selenium IDE download link as in snap selenium-ide_download
  3. After Clicking on Download, another plug-in option appears where Click on Allow as  I have marked in Above Image Downloading progress would be visible in browser like this selenium-ide_downloading-progressOnce Downloading finished, another Software Installation pop-up would appear and after a count-down Install Now  option would appear like this and Click on Install Now like in Image
  4. selenium-ide_installation
  5. Once Installation get finished, A small window would appear stating that Restart Browser as in image below selenium-ide_config
  6. Once you click on Restart Now, it would close browser and would restart it, now its time to verify what we have installed in our browser so just go to Tool|Add-ons and see what is installed and you would see these selenium add-ons installed on your browserselenium-ide_after-installation
  7. Now you would be thinking that from where you would launch Selenium IDE then Go to Tool ||Selenium IDE like in imageselenium-ide_config-in-tool-menu
  8. On Clicking Selenium IDE, Selnium IDE would launch and would look something like this as in Imageselenium-ide_after-installation
  9. As soon as IDE would launch, http://code.google.com/p/selenium/wiki/SeIDEReleaseNotes  would open in one tab of your Mozilla Browser

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  1. Once I click upon Selenium IDE download link, a pop up opens stating “Opening selenium server standalone-2.52.jar ” and asking to save the file.
    I am not able to install selenium IDE.
    Can you please help?

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