Downloading and Configuring Selenium Webdriver in Eclipse with Testng plugin installation

Downloading and Configuring Selenium WebDriver in Eclipse




    1. To Download Selenium WebDriver jar file  Go to
    2. Now Click on 2.30 under the label Selenium Server (formerly the Selenium RC Server)selenium-standalone-jar
    3. Now Open Eclipse and Create one Java project
    • Right Click on Left hand side in Eclipse under Package Explorer like in Imagenew-eclipse-java-project
    • Select NEW|JAVA PROJECT as marked in Imagenew-java-project-in-eclipse
    • Enter the name of Project Here I have mentioned New Project and Click on Finish button project-created-in-eclipse
    • Go to Project Explorer Label and See new project has been created as in Image
    • Now Select you project and Select  NEW|Folder as in Imagecreating-new-foldernew-folder-created
    • Another Window Open Enter the name of Folder and Click on Finish as in Image java-client-location

    • Now go to Location where Java Client  has been downloaded  and Copy the Selenium Server
    • Copy Selenium Server Standalone jar in Lib folder created under NewProjectadding-jar-file-to-path
    • Now add this standalone file in to path   by doing Right Click on Selenium Server Standalone 2.24.jar – Go to Build path|Add to Build Path as in image
    • Now you would see a new Label named as Reference Library as in Imageadded-jar-in-build-path
    • By adding Selenium Server Standalone 2.24.jar we have configured Webdriver in Eclipse

    Configuring TestNG in Eclipseconfiguring-testng

    1. In Eclipse go to Help|Install New Software 
    2. Enter in the field as displayed in the image below and Click on Add Button on the right side of this text field, A pop up will appear, Enter the name TestNG and click on ok button and wait for few second. After this wait you See TestNg and Select check box of  TestNg  and then click on Next and Follow the Instruction and finally click on Finish and Refresh Eclipse.beust
    3. Note : In between installation one pop alert will appear before you that will ask your permission to install testng since it is not trusted, In this click on Ok button..wait for installation of Testng
    4. Question arises how we know that TestNg has been configured in Eclipse
    • Go to Window | Show View | Other as in Image testngconfig
    • Now Select Java|TestNG|GO testng
    • Finally to see whether Eclipse is configured or not do a final touch Right Click on you Peoject|Run As|TestNg Test as in Image

    Finally we are done with configuration of Selenium WebDriver and TestNG


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