Quality Assurance Vs Quality Control

Friends, Here I am trying to explain real Difference Between Quality Assurance and Quality Control:

Quality Assurance is the process base on very mature planning and is a kind of systematic work that helps in monitoring and improving the quality of Product from requirement gathering till the development of product. In this process we follow all the preventive measure, in which we normally do audit that includes inspection,review and walk through to determine the compliance of quality with quality specification., Process definition,Tools and resourc selection,training and other requirement tracing that is needed to accomplish the project. So we can say that Quality assurance is static testing.

Since Quality Control comes in to action as soon as the development of product is finished and in this we normally compare the actual behavior with the specification standards.So we do the execution of test cases associated with the product and try to execute all scenario to find more and more bugs or defects in product
So we can say QC is dynamic testing.


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