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Difference Between Black box and White box Testing

Difference Between Black box and White box Testing

Black-Box Testing
1- Black Box means opaque object or box where we can’t see the internal structure.In Black box testing
we only concentrate on Input and output.2- Black-box test design is usually described as focusing on testing functional requirements. So we normally test
the functionality of software without going deep in to its code and structure3- Techniques that is used in Black Box testing

  1. Boundary-value analysis
  2. Error guessing
  3. Race conditions
  4. Cause-effect graphing
  5. Syntax testing
  6. State transition testing
  7. Graph matrix
  8. Equivalence partitioning

4- Best example of Black box testing is Search on Google. User just enters keywords and get the expected results in turn.
End user never take tension to see what is behind this screen that is employed to fetch these results.
5- Technical background is not the necessity of Black-Box Tester.Black box and White box testing


White-Box Testing
1- White-Box testing is also known as clear box testing, glass box testing, transparent box testing, and structural testing.
2- White-Box testing deals with the internal structure and the internal working rather than only functionality.
3- For White-Box testing, programming background is must because this helps in creating test cases for white-box testing.
4- White-box testing is applied for Unit testing, integration testing and sometime in it is also used for system testing.
5- These are few techniques that are used in white box testing

  1. Code Coverage
  2. Segment coverage: This is done to ensure that all statement or each line of code has been executed
  3. Compound condition coverage and loop coverage: In this we test all the conditions and all the branching and loops in code
  4. Data Flow testing: we test all the intermediate steps, in this we test how sequential steps behave
  5. Path Testing: In this we test all the path that is defined in code

6- Through White-Box testing, tester detects all logical errors, design error and Typographical error.

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