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Test Case Design, An Art to Learn To become a good Tester

A test case design is a detailed procedure that fully tests a feature of the software application or an aspect of a feature, depending on the complexity of the application. This describes the various permutation and combination of steps to be carried out to test a feature.

Normally Test Case Design is done in two way.
1. Descriptive: These test cases contains information on how to perform the test and the data that should be used to perform the test

2.Detailed: These test cases describes the manner in which the test should be performed.
In general every organization try to opt Detailed test cases, because these are reproducible and can be automated easily and can be used to determine the pass and fail criteria for test.

Few things need to be included while test case design
1. Identify the test case and explicitly associating it with feature to be tested.
2.Mapping test cases with requirements by using requirement traceability matrix.
3. Purpose of the test.
4.Creating a list of specified criteria for which the test should be tested.
5.Creating a list of tests that should be exercise as a consequences of test.
6.Assembling of expected results occurs, when test cases are executed
7.Creative scenario, or conditions in which tests are executed.
8.Assimilate all information that add value to understand the test.
Since test case designing is time consuming. However, if this activity is done extensively then it enables tester to find goal of testing with in time.

A test case also includes certain things that is very important in a successful testing.
1. Purpose of testing.
2. Hardware and software environment required.
3. Special configuration requirement like making war room.
4.Detail of the testing processes.
5.Expected results or success criteria of test.

9 thoughts on “Test Case Design, An Art to Learn To become a good Tester”

  1. Hi again! I’m stumbling over your articles again and again. That must be a good sign! It’s very informative what you’ve written about testcases. But I’ve some doubts, Are the things you’ve listed (e. g. mapping testcases to traceability matrix) will be done in daily practice? If you have the chance to work in a company in which testing is a very important and established area and whre the stakeholders do believe that testing is realy valueble, then commonly, yes. But yes, I can only speak for my job as a tester. I work as a tester in a company where the whole test process has to be established in a new way, and where to less resources have to solve too many problems…
    Maybe that’s why I’m more and more thrilled by the approach of the context driven testing. And from the view of context driven testing, writing and execution test cases migh’t be done in an other way, but that’s an other topic..
    By the way – I’m also planning to write an article about testcases soon (espacially the problems in writing script based testcases for manual execution) on my testing blog. Woul’d be nice to read some comment’s about that from you too 🙂

    greetings, Ralf

    1. I would feel good to comment on your post, and would be eagerly waiting for your post about Test cases.

      @ Ralf ( Traceability )

      Ya this is being done in my company and most of the companies still follow the same. I am also finding context bases testing very useful and in this we use our specific rapid methodology to bring a quality product. In this we hit only those portion of product that is prone to defects.

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