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Top Mozilla Firefox Plugins For Better Productivity With Key Features!!

Top Mozilla Firefox Plugins For Better Productivity With Key Features!!

Today, we are getting on to explore some of the Top Mozilla Firefox plugins for better productivity, you will get in your browser. This is mostly required to deal with work from home and for a better balance between personal and professional duties. Similarly, we have also listed some of the Top Chrome Extensions For Better Productivity !!

With these Mozilla Firefox plugins and extensions, you can generously regulate the nature and functionality of your browser, and include some effective tools that you most often use. This blog post directs on the best Mozilla Firefox extensions that will render your browsing experience stress-free, comfortable and stable.

Let’s dive into it the list of these Mozilla Firefox Plugins For Better Productivity With Key Features.

1. Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus is the best Firefox extension to obstruct unwanted ads online. It obscures all the illegal ads on websites you often browse. It also saves bandwidth, clearing up your display’s real estate, and maintaining you from stacking malicious adware. With this Mozilla Firefox extension, you can obstruct ads that stop your browsing; developing an irritant for no reason. Adblock Plus authorizes you to control over what to recognize and what to obstruct. It can hinder your online activities so that corporations cannot trace you.

Key Features

  • Blocks Ads
  • Allow Acceptable Ads
  • Disable Tracking
  • Block Malware Domains
  • Block Social Media Buttons


Adblock Plus is available free to use.

2. Ghostery

It is an unrestricted, open-source, privacy-enabled Firefox extension utilized to obstruct ads in a more effective way. It functions by obstructing HTTP proposals that the user is available. Ghostery develops three main principles for its users which are safer, faster and smarter searching. Tackers are a ton of code lines that mail and accept a user’s searching information to any entity. Entities practice this information about your searching history and exhibit related ads on your browser.

Key Features

  • Built-in Ad Blocker
  • Improved privacy marks for Android
  • Ghost Search
  • Ghost Mode
  • Improved Protection
  • Mobile Data Saver
  • Password Manager
  • Stop Autoplay
  • Font Size Adapter


It is available free to use.

Charge of Ghostery Plus – $2 per month.

3. uMatrix

uMatrix is a matrix-based firewall employed to obstruct content on webpages. uMatrix is developed to provide users fine-grained entry to what should be demonstrated and what should not be demonstrated while searching. uMatrix is developed by the same creator (Raymond Hill) as of uBlock Origin.

There are various categories of data that you can obstruct, such as cookies, CSS, media, scripts, etc. You can also obstruct data from a website. uMatrix uses color to specify which type of traffic is obstructed or enabled.

Key Features

  • Blocks traffic on a granular level
  • uMatrix logger
  • Single-click to whitelist/blacklist
  • Autonomous control over lists
  • Ease of use
  • Global change to all sites
  • Traffic specific blocking
  • Security
  • Privacy


uMatrix is an unrestricted Firefox extension.

4. GreaseMonkey

GreaseMonkey is a Mozilla Firefox extension that enables users to customize the website pages on the whack. You can introduce scripts that alter the way a webpage notices or it can also utilize the functions of searching components. You can ingrain anything on a website like a cost comparison of various escapes.

These scripts can also be employed for automation. You can introduce those scripts or even rewrite those scripts as per your own requirement.

Key Features

  • Customize web page arrival on
  • Modify functionality of any webpage
  • Thousands of community-developed scripts


Greasemonkey is available free to use.

5. Dark Reader

It is an open-source plugin that develops dark themes for websites. It reverses bright colors so that they are simple to read at night. You can prefer brightness, contrast, sepia and grey-scale as per your desire.

The extension also offers you with extra alternatives such as font customization, theme generation mode, etc.

Key Features

  • Invert brightness on the go
  • Filter settings
  • Custom site settings
  • Site list
  • Theme generation mode


The Dark Reader extension for Mozilla is available free to use.

6. Clippings

It is an extension that keeps chosen text from a webpage or email. The objective of clippings is to protect the frequently-used text in a small clip and remember that clip every time it’s required. It arranges various clippings with colours so that you understand which clipping is more significant or to be utilized. It also delivers the possibility to select a shortcut key to each clipping so that it’s efficient to type.

Key Features

  • Save frequently-used text
  • Clippings manager
  • Export/Import clippings
  • Assign shortcut keys to clippings
  • Sync clippings
  • Placeholders


Clippings is available free to use.

7. Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the best Firefox extensions that aids eliminate errors in your article. Whenever you work on the web, Grammarly reviews and marks out errors in your composition. It works for you to make sure your content is error-free and meaningful.

Key Features

  • Spelling checker
  • Grammar checker
  • Plagiarism detection
  • Alternate word preference
  • Punctuation-checker
  • Sentence structuring
  • Eliminate overused words
  • Eradicate ineffective vocabulary
  • Detect inappropriate tone


Free – Basic writing corrections

Premium – $11.66 per month if billed annually

Business – $15 per month/per member, billed annually

9. Tabliss

It modified every new tab to something fascinating and remarkable. Every fresh tab exhibits a new landscape or new sight that you customize as per your desire.

Customization in Tabliss is plentiful; you can select backgrounds and enhance several widgets on top. Tabliss takes care of privacy, efficiency, and security.

Tabliss delivers complete freedom in customizing widgets which can be included to every new tab.

Key Features

  • Customizable background
  • New image for every new tab
  • Backgrounds from Unsplash, Dribbble, and GIPHY or search your own
  • Efficient
  • less time loading
  • Privacy
  • Security
  • Customizable widgets


Tabliss is available for free.

10. Gesturefy

Gesturefy is one of the best customizable mouse gesture Firefox extensions that supports more than 60 different mouse actions.

You can utilize default gestures that are designed for particular activities like Back, Forward, Refresh, etc.

You can also develop your own gesture under settings. It employs a trigger action so that the extension understands when to initiate reading for gestures. The trigger can be amended in the settings section as well.

Key Features

  • Mouse gestures
  • Rocker gestures
  • Mouse wheel gestures
  • Over 60 distinct actions
  • Customizable gestures
  • Blacklist certain sites
  • Multilingual


Gesturefy is available free for use.

Hope you have get above list of Top Mozilla Firefox Plugins For Better Productivity fruitful and We hope you will get some of these or you might have already using these plugins.

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