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What Is Software Testing and Why Software Testing Is So Important

What Is Software Testing

Before reading about What is  Software Testing,lets read Google Quote, so here is the  Google quote

“we are testing and breaking code constantly, but we help rebuild it better.”

Take some time and ponder over quote where it is clearly written that we are testing and we are unearthing coding mistakes that doesn’t match with our expectation and as soon as we find some thing beyond our expected result we try to make it in compliance with the expected result.

So in other way we could say that Software testing is a kind of important activity which is done to find defects in any product or application and this is only possible by comparing the actual result with expected result and this process helps team to make a bug free product that brings happiness who ever use it.

Software testing is know to unearth errors, mistakes and gaps in requirement. This is process also validation and verify that product is going correctly on the expectation of all stock holders correctly or not. 

So here is important points that everyone should remember about software testing.

  • testing is done to find the error in product.
  • it is done to verify that  product conforms the requirement.
  • it is done to make sure that product is doing what is expected.
  • it is done to find the compatibility of its different modules.
  • it is needed to find risk earlier before it damage the reputation of product.

More precisely, tester can be viewed as a critique who helps the developer to see the  glitches left in development and inturen developer makes changes in the code which adhers with client requirement.

If you are taking software testing as cake walk then remember, this is not the skill set to learn but this is a thought process that flows as soon as you step in as software tester. Because software tester are known as headlight of vehicle who gives alert of  all coming danger and path holes before, and helps in decision making, to speed up the vehicle or time to press foot on break.

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