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Etiquette in Call @ work

Etiquette in Call is one of the best parts if you are working in the client project and you are taking the regular call with client related to various queries related to the task assigned to you. This post will list all the best practices that can enhance your productivity and effectiveness in the client calls. But if you want to learn more about such practices then read
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Etiquette in Call

  1. Always advised to take call from conference room/separate area, so it would save you from background disturbance and other distractions.
  2. In the call, Punctuality matters; so we have to start to join the call at least 5 minutes before. Always respect your and others time and also it would give you time to fix if any issue i.e. call-bridge failure, call-disturbance etc.
  3. In the call, notify your presence at the time of joining. So attendees would know about you. If you join late, specify the reason and ask for the apology.
  4. Please make sure in starting of the call, that all members are properly audible to each other.
  5. Always greet attendees according to their time-zone. So it is recommend that you should know about attendees before the call.
  6. Always communicate promptly, if you are not able to listen properly to other callers by any reason then ask to repeat but always try to gather the right information.
  7. Always keep your notebook/laptop handy to note down important points during the call.
  8. While attending Important call, be there only. Don’t distract yourself during the call.
  9. In client call, your voice plays a vital role. Your voice represents you solely. Other person knows and make his/her opinion about you; through your voice. So your voice should be clear and audible to others.
  10. Don’t make your voice too loud or low during call conversation. Always talk in calm mode, it would help you to communicate properly to others.
  11. In the call, use the MUTE button wisely. Do unmute before start speaking and mute once you finished.
  12. Don’t use words which have difficult pronunciations if possible. It would recommend that keep your statements short.
  13. Try not to interrupt any speaker, speak only the current speaker finish talking.

If you follow these points talked about Etiquette in Call, then this is going to bring more respect and trust to you because you always respect the time and effort of others.

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