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Top Best Software Testing Trends to watch out in 2021

Wishing you a happy new year 2021 to all you. Hope this year will bring more positivity, vision, and happiness to our lives. Today we will explore the top 11 Software Testing Trends to watch out for in 2021. Most of the researchers disclose there will be a prospering need for low code development tools, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning would be more important than ever. Securing Tests would be even more essential. Well, we should be aware of the fact that the software testing market size is expected to grow at over six Percent from 2020 to 2021.

Top Best Software Testing Trends to watch out for in 2021

So, let dive into some approaching software testing trends observed in 2021.

So there are 11 technologies we are going to discuss for the year 2021. These technologies include the new age technologies like:

1.Codeless Automation 

Codeless testing as the name implies refers to an approach where test cases are automated with a minimum of code car engineers can create test case scenarios with zero coding information and decrease the time spent on recurring test examples. Many cordless tools are equipped with machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities.

2. Usability Testing

With the rapid inpouring of portable apps, especially eCommerce, banking, insurance applications, etc. it has been discovered that the importance of software testing has been noticed more to effectively test these apps across various operating systems, platforms, and machines, etc. Today, the mobile apps start again to be the leading business enablers; an important and considerable user interface with a streamlined usability progression is the necessity of the hour for all these apps. Mobile users remain to reveal an appreciation for apps that possess great usability implanted in them.

3.  Multi-devices Testing

The usage of mobile devices is effectively intensifying today, and this is improving the necessity for automation testing on an expanse of devices. However, this is not only restricted to mobile devices, it is for any types of equipment such as wearables, smartphones, smart speakers, health monitors, etc. Thus, this year, multi-devices automation testing for over an expanse of devices will reach the mainstream.

4. Penetration Testing

Overall industry sectors, today the networks, apps, and infrastructure persist to face cyber threats and attacks due to the exposures they are likely to. Primarily, mobile and web applications have the most possibilities of confronting exposures such as hacking as cyber attackers continue to conclude lots of monetary losses to many businesses. Thus, organizations yearn to carry out thriving security strategies for achieving systems that are ensured and work efficiently for attaining business objectives. And, to achieve this, it is essential to incorporate penetration testing into software testing procedures.

5. Big Data Testing

Businesses across industries remain to exchange with large data volumes and diverse data types. The mining of any fraction of structured or unstructured data specified as Big data demands effective testing. Big data testing supports the formulation of exceptional decisions with detailed data confirmations and helps promote market targeting and business strategizing with conscious decisions brought out from this big data analysis.

6. IOT testing

It is predicted that the number of connected devices will be more than 20 billion by 2020 when approximated to the figure of just 6.4 billion during 2016. These charts exemplify the massive expansion and the necessity for an effective IoT testing technique. This IoT testing comprises the testing of operating systems, communication protocols, along with software and hardware of the IoT devices. Most businesses have already initiated specifying the requirement for an effective IoT testing technique to facilitate efficient and well-connected smart devices that are much required for end-users.

7. AI and ML Testing

Stand it about Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning; both are expected to be the leading driving aspects of industrial movement in 2021. As far as testing is concerned, both will take bug detection effectiveness to the successive level. Cooperative forces of both are liable to squeeze manual testing considerably.

8. Selenium Testing

Selenium 4 testings are quite characterizing for their multifaceted specifications. For instance, it gives a technological improvement for automation and accelerates the process of testing. It’s very much an all-inclusive property that can keep up several coding languages, OS, and applicable ways of testing. The most contemporary publication of Selenium, Selenium 4, is predicted to be accessible soon.

9. Chatbot Testing

Being required to RAP, Chatbot testing will be an important thing in the QA domain in 2021. Mainly, its importance in reducing the support costs will make it applicable in the QA domain. At the same time, these bots are remembered for their incredibility in terms of enhancing the user experience. However, conducting a testing task with it imposes keen observation. Anyway, with the recent era getting more reliant upon digital platforms, chatbot testing’s applicability is striking and able to grow.

10. Agile and DevOps

The effectiveness of the Agile process and DevOps is confidential to none. Taking advantage of an important role in enhancing product quality is necessarily anticipated to be the manding driving factor in the QA testing domain.

11. Shift-Left Testing

Shift-Left testing contributes the most striking motive to be on-trend in the QA section in 2021. It can discover bugs in minor time. Upon discovering the bugs shortly, it generally facilitates increasing the productivity of software testing assistance.

There are few more trending topics or area like API Testing which is now these days are important for faster innovation and development process due to introduction of Cloud Computing and this has pushed the world to be dependent on APIs. So this area too is very lucrative.


So, all these things of possessing significance in the software testing trends to look for 2021 have been presented here. In conclusion, a perfect combination of automation testing with manual testing will be the clue.

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